The prices for our transportation and storage services are optimal and fairly established, while the related info are always precise and obtainable in real time.


We provide our clients with trucks with one or two drivers, as deliveries are made within four days in any point in Europe. Trucks leave each week from our points of operations to any European destination, as well as toward Russia.

We also provide double-temperature truck services, which can carry frozen and fresh goods that need to be kept at different temperatures in the same truck.

We make sure that these operations are done in the safest, optimal way, only with DSV-authorized trucks.



Storage services are provided at a European level by our collaborating logistic center situated near the AP 7 highway, 30 km from Barcelona and from the main European market, Mercabarna.

This center is equipped with all the necessary resources for managing and storing goods, with the possibility of storing both dry products, as well as at a controlled temperature.

By means of our collaborator located near the International Traian Vuia airport in Timișoara, we have a transit deposit of 500 square meters in Romania as well, equipped with shelves, forklift and pallet trucks.
Only goods without specific temperature requirements can be stored here, while transshipments are only made per client request.

Our objective is to provide any kind of management in the transportation, logistics and storage of your goods, during any stage of the process, both for cargo export and import.

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