Organic Fruits and Vegetables Delivered At Your Door

Simply put, Lextom Natur trades fruits and vegetables throughout the whole European space. For more details, please read through the following.

13 years of experience in transportation

Quality offers and services

Always in contact with professionals

We have 13 years of experience in cargo transportation.

Our main operation started in 2007 with international goods transportation for various multinationals in Spain and Germany.

At some point we decided that „everything’s still better at home”, so that we came back to Romania in order to do here what we already knew best.
We founded our own company by the name of Lextom Trans in 2016, out of pure passion and following our own perspective in finding alternatives and solutions for clients.

Later on, after noticing an increasing demand in food industry, we founded a new brand, Lextom Natur, also aiming to promote Romanian products abroad, while also supporting Romanian producers to sell their merchandise there.

Seeing as how during the next decade the main issue will be people nutrition, we wish to assist our clients with fresh, quality products, both imported, as well as local. Lextom Trans provides the professional logistic support, while also ensuring optimal transportation to and from any point in Europe.

Autumn has always been the season of harvests in our hearts. So perhaps it’s not accidentally that the home of Lextom Trans is in Tomnatic (which translates as Autumnal), just a stone’s throw from the border with Hungary and Serbia.
Operationally, the work point is at Timișoara.

Our employees are constantly in tight connection with all clients, providing daily intel about the cargo routes, as well as about the best weekly deals. Being professionals, we also take care of all the operations related to purchasing the necessary goods, their transportation and storage, so that our clients and partners are content.

About the Company

Why us?

Because we’re professionals. This is what we’re passionate about and this is what we do.

And we do it well.

We offer transportation and storage services, as well as the needed goods at optimal prices. Moreover, we provide immediate solutions, real-time information about transportation, diversity and prompt delivery, as well as high goods quality, all with the quickest response time.

Transparency is most important to us, that why all our chosen suppliers are backed by high quality certificates and goods authenticity certificates.

If it helps, we provide support in Romanian, as well as in international languages such as English, Spanish or German.

Our assets

Lextom Natur means

Our expertise and clients recommend us, as well as our diverse offer of products and services.
During four days tops, your cargo is where you want it, in or from any point in Europe.
You know in real time what your best options are or where your goods are located.

Come join us!

Do you believe you’re someone who sees no obstacles, but opportunities to capitalize on?
Do you like to be constantly on the move and you don’t want to get bored?

Working with clients and suppliers gives you energy?
Would you like to work in a dynamic environment?

If the answer to the questions above is “yes”, we welcome you to our team, because we too are constantly seeking new opportunities and talented people.

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