Where We Are – A Global Pandemic Balance Sheet for Our Business

The Covid-19 pandemic struck swiftly and suddenly. No one expected that, just like nobody could have anticipated the unfortunate turn of events.

Traders predicted that farmers would be devastated by their produce rotting away, with urban consumers fearing soaring prices, and transportation industry dreading the thought of a general lockdown. Authorities were at a loss. To be honest, everybody feared a global hysteria.

The level of disruption is not the same everywhere, though. Some states took prevention measures earlier than others, so the economic impact is negligible compared to the latter.

Still, the inefficiency resulting from the required social distancing in production or packing places, the growth in logistical expenses, the additional safety measures, as well as the delays generated new costs and obstacles to deal with. Not to mention market pressures and product losses which, in turn, increased the pressure on growers and traders, as these additional costs are not compensated by the somewhat higher returns on sales.

Disruption also intensified due to the new restrictions to movement across countries in Europe. Further checks for new or additional certificates at borders, as well as quarantined trucks or drivers generate delays that are damaging to perishable goods.

Worker fatigue and stress are also a major problem. In the new setting, they leave their jobs due to various reasons, ranging anywhere from stress to forced quarantine, which creates noticeable labor shortages. So it is more important than ever to maintain employee safety by providing them protective gear, but also comfort, since motivation also took a hit across all business levels.

It is, thus, paramount to establish safety processes and conditions for employees as preconditions to maintaining a safe workplace so that they can operate at a reasonable capacity despite the strict lockdown measures.

Given all this context, we at Lextom Natur are doing our best to operate efficiently all across Europe and to keep our promise: to bring nature in your hands, as always.

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