Moving Plants – A Challenge

You know by now: we at Lextom Natur are always striving to bring nature in your hands. But what does that actually mean?

Well, this means that it is crucial that you ultimately receive a fresh, intact produce, just as you expect.

Which, in turn, means that everyone involved in the supply chain must collaborate perfectly and smoothly in order for the produce to make it to you in pristine condition.

But, as you might imagine, the logistics of transporting fresh produce is not a simple matter, as so many factors must be taken into consideration. Packaging, temperature, humidity, are only a few of the aspects when ensuring that the produce stays fresh and intact.

From seed to your plate, plants go through a lot of care, exchanging many hands. Think about farmers, gatherers, packers, shipping staff, transporters, vendors, and so on. If you decide to not buy local, the process gets even more complicated, as your goods still have to be just as fresh.

So, what do we do?

First, we identify suppliers who have the best produce available: under-ripe, sturdy fruits and vegetables that can undergo shipping and still look perfect after transport.

Secondly, we find what the best packaging may be. Hard-skinned fruits and tough vegetables, like oranges or potatoes, are more suited for transportation, while soft ones, such as strawberries or tomatoes, are more prone to bruising from vibrations and shocks, as well as less resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Of course, there are also size and weight issues when it comes to packaging and transportation, since watermelons and strawberries obviously have different requirements.

Did you know that after being harvested, fruits and vegetables release ethylene, a gas that makes sensitive ones (like peppers or tomatoes) ripe and spoil much faster? That’s why some fruits and vegetables cannot be transported together.

These and other challenges contribute to billions of euros being lost yearly due to our beloved green goods getting spoiled along the way.

See? You thought it was simple. Just pick fruits from country A and deliver them to specific place in Country B. Well, as we showed, it’s not that easy.

Well, for us it is, because we’re professionals, but, as they say, don’t try this at home. Better call us whenever you want nature in your hands.

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